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What do I do if my student forgot something?  
If your student forgot an item or lunch, please drop it off in the main office, labeled with their name and room number. To avoid classroom interruption, the office will call the classroom.  We cannot guarantee the item will be picked up by the student.

How do I inform the school when my student is absent?
When your child is absent, please call the attendance hotline (858) 538-9574.

What if my student is tardy?
Students arriving late to school must come to the main office accompanied by a parent/guardian with a note stating the reason for their tardy. Parents may excuse up to three tardies for personal reasons per semester.

Please remember – Tardy students walking into class impacts the learning environment for everyone.  Please be on time. 
What are OCIS Contracts?
Should there be a planned absence of five days or more please see Anna Brackman, in the front office, as soon as possible to set up a homework contract for the student. A contract should also be used for extended illnesses.  A minimum of one week is required to set up an OCIS Contract.

How late can my student remain on campus after school?
School dismissal times are 2:05 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday and 12:25 on Thursday.  Please be at school to pick up your child at that time; there is no supervision after-school. 

Where are the lost and found items kept on campus?
SDES lost and found is located at the front gate areas.  Please be sure to check periodically, as the lost and found items are donated periodically. 

What if I want to talk to my student’s teacher? 
The best way to contact your student’s teacher is through email. Please see the staff contact listing.

What if I want to request homework for my student?
If you would like homework for a student that missed school, please email your student’s teacher.