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Mission & Vision


Sundance is a school where we strive to provide all of our students with the finest educational experience possible, ensuring that our children are academically, socially and emotionally prepared for success in the 21st Century.


We create the finest educational experience by blending strong foundational skills with multiple opportunities to use those skills in creative, fun, and innovative ways. While always pushing for academic excellence, we are also aware of the need to ensure that our children are socially and emotionally prepared for success in the 21st Century. To enable this success, we have created a culture where all of our staff is caring, collaborative, resourceful, and team-oriented. Knowing how very important it is to have a positive relationship with our school community, we continue to maintain and sustain this vital connection. Because we have created a tight-knit relationship, we are able to provide the resources for a plethora of activities for our students which include: PE, running club, music, dances, a fall carnival, international celebrations, chess club, and a science team.  We are very proud of our successes.  We are committed to maintaining those successes, while always searching for ways to make Sundance the best school possible.