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Student Council

Student Council

Our Student Council, also known as Character Ambassadors, are 3rd-5th grade representatives of the student body. Every year, students are chosen to represent their class and run for office. The campaign runs for about a week before election day when all 3rd-5th graders vote for the candidate they want to represent their grade level. The responsibilities of Character Ambassadors include:

  • Making announcements through our student broadcast and Friday Flags
  • Brainstorming ideas and Spirit Days for school activities
  • Designing posters for events
  • Creating Mindful Monday video recordings to broadcast schoolwide
  • Assisting with school events
  • Choosing and helping teach No Place For Hate lessons

To be a Character Ambassador, they must meet the following expectations:

  • Be a responsible, upstanding, and respectful role model to everyone and everywhere at school and in the community
  • Maintain academics and integrity
  • Follow the rules of our school and classroom
  • Encourage friends, classmates, and other students to follow the rules, be kind and respectful, and stay safe